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Blog Partner focus LiveU & the perfect match!
LiveU & the perfect match!

Working on a close partnership with LiveU, especially with the GoSolo unit, is a no brainer. 

Why? Because we share the same obsession about quality and reliability, but also because of the natural complementarity of both solutions.

On the one hand, LiveU creates a consistent bandwidth and a reliable connection so you can acquire, manage and distribute high-quality remote live broadcasts. On the other hand our all-in-one live streaming production studio at enables and facilitates remote production for producers. It easily ensures the reception of all format types and their conversions for optimal management and redistribution to multiple destinations in the optimum requirements.

You can also mix your live sources (LiveU, Vmix, OBS, etc...) in our cloud studio and customize your content with your logo and tailored graphics (your own design, Singular, Ligr, Streamlabs, etc...) to meet professional standards.

With this partnership, the production and live stream chain becomes seamless and really easy.

More than a conviction, we have automated the connection between our platform and the LiveU Go solo. Integrated directly on the interface, you just need to select LiveU encoder to broadcast your live and manage it via our studio (auto configuration LiveU).

Finally, we’ve also set up partnerships with LiveU resellers in Europe and with whom we work jointly!

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