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Blog Tips How to monetize your live stream?
How to monetize your live stream?

The live stream is the best method to get your clients (or your community) involved in both your events and at the heart of your activities. Keynotes, webinars, demos, or Q&A sessions - all of these are guaranteed to generate visibility! 

“On average, a viewer spends eight times longer on a live video than on a video on demand.”
(Source: Uber metrics)

The facts are there! Using live videos is an additional lever that will allow you to benefit from a more direct and entertaining interaction with your audience. 

And if you took a step further? Have you ever thought of monetizing your live content? In this article, our experts will go over why you should start monetizing your live videos and how to set this up with the use of various tools. 

1- Monetizing your live content by integrating your partners

  • Sponsoring 

This is one of the most common methods when it comes to monetizing live content. It consists in offering your sponsors or other companies to pay you in exchange for visibility in your live video. To carry this out, you have several options. You can integrate either their logo, a sponsorship billboard or a banner in your live stream. You can even invite one of your partners to join you on your live video as a guest and/or to give a demo of their products (or services) to your community. The choice is yours! 

  • In-stream ads 

In order to monetize your live video, you can also include ad breaks in your digital event. This allows you to highlight brands, products or services of your choosing, and you will receive a payment for broadcasting them. 

A tip from with the studio, you can customize your live content (add your or your partner’s logo, create a layout that follows your style guide, etc.), and you can also create playlists (a technology that allows you to create VOD playlists) so as to insert ad breaks for which you can manage the content and that will be directly included in your live stream.

2- Offer 2.0 showcase-style visibility

  • Live product placement

A technique that has long been used in movies, clips and our TV shows, you too can make use of product placement in your live video in exchange for payment from the concerned brand. In this case, the object needs to appear on screen without you having to necessarily mention it. 

  • Live “Haul” & “Unboxing” videos

This monetization format is particularly adapted to content creators or micro-influencers. Unlike product placement, a “Haul” or “Unboxing” video showcases, in particular, products of one or several brands to your community. In this case, there are two possibilities. Either it is a personal initiative and therefore unpaid, or a brand will have contacted you and sent you products to present to your audience in exchange for a payment based on your recommendation. 

3- Sell your products and those of your favorite brands live

  • Affiliate links

Similar to the “Haul” video, affiliation links explicitly indicate a partnership. Throughout your live video, you simply need to present the products of a brand which will have provided you with an affiliate link or the all-powerful promotional code that you can share with your community. If purchases are made, you then receive a commission on the sales. 

  • Live shopping

This practice is increasingly widespread, especially in China. The concept is simple: you present your brand products on the live video and provide the viewer with the possibility of purchasing them. As such, you can personalize your customer interaction according to each of their expectations and strengthen your brand fidelity. Additionally, the participants’ experience will be unique and above all innovative, allowing you to set yourself apart from your competition. Not bad, right? 

A tip from with the solution, you can invite remote guests as well as have brand ambassadors present their products during your live streams. If they cannot be present in real-time, allows you combine live content with VOD content in order to include their pre recorded presentation in your live video. 

4- Create live paid events 

  • The “Pay-per-view” system: 

This system allows those who want to attend your event to purchase an entry online via a ticket platform.  You will then be able to send your stream on a private video media player to ensure exclusive access to the content for the people who paid to assist your live event. You can choose to sell individual tickets for a single event or a monthly subscription for a recurring live video format, for example. 

Did you know that 45% of consumers are willing to pay to watch live content? 
(source: 99 firms)

A tip from allows you to send a “clean” or “custom” feed on all available destinations (this includes private media players as well as social networks), which provides you with possibilities for multiple actions according to your needs or desires. 

5- Make the most of the advertising solutions offered by broadcasting platforms

  • Direct monetization on each platform: 

On top of all the monetization possibilities that the solution offers, you can also choose to integrate ads on your live streams directly on each platform:  

  • Facebook in-stream ads: by subscribing to this program, an ad break will pause your video for several moments in exchange for payment. Unlike ad breaks that are directly integrated in your stream, in this case you will not have complete control over the content of the ads. 
  • Twitch payout system: the platform sells “Bits”, a virtual currency that allows participants to make donations during a live video. You can also set up ad breaks during your live video, which can be broadcast when you choose.

As you can see, there is no shortage of methods to monetize your live streams. With you also have the option to manage this monetization directly in your native stream, without having to depend on the advertising agencies of your broadcasting platforms. 

All that is left is for you to choose the format that best meets your expectations and payment goals.

The next step is yours ;) 


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