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Simulcast to multiple destinations at once

Extend your social reach by publishing your content to multiple destinations, all at the same time.

No limitations! You can publish to every single platforms in the world.

+60% of audience proven track

Deliver your content in every languages

Reach your audience everywhere in the world.
Maximize viewers engagement and duration of watch.

International languages


Transcode in multiple formats and quality

Simulcasting is great.

Maximizing your Return On Engagement per platform is better.

Engage your audience with instant video highlights

Create real time video clips from live streams.

Ensure your content is seen first on every social platform.

Full redundancy with our fail-safe technology

No more audience loss and broken feeds because of your internet connection or local technical issue.

Fully cloud-based workflow = guaranteed reliability

99.95% SLA

We guarantee you the most reliable platform on the market. Akamai & Elemental certified.

Automate your production workflow API

Our platform is fully API driven. This will allow you to connect with any external application (game API, statistic or scoring services, bracket services, CMS, etc.) to fully automate with our platform.

Free 14-days trial. No credit card required

Mix remote locations

Mix up to 8 live/video sources in 1080p60 and graphics from all over the world, in real time with no delay, to engage your community.