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E-Sports & Gaming

Reach & engage your e-sport fans worldwide!

They already trust our technology
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All-in-one live streaming production studio fully cloud-based
Engage your fans around the world, grow your community & build audience loyalty!
Simulcast your performances to multiple destinations: Twitch, Caffeine & more!
Use multiplex & real-time remote guests feature!
Create esports & gaming live talk show.
Share best-ofs & rerun marathons thanks to our VOD playlist feature.
International coverage - Comment performances in different languages.
+60% of audience proven track
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Use Cases
Deliver a unique & professional live streaming experience to your fans!
Transcode in multiple formats and qualities

Each platform has different expectations when it comes to resolutions & video formats.

With the studio, you can match the recommended video quality per destination to get the maximum viewership & associated retention without any loss of quality.

"Consumers have a low tolerance for a bad stream. For many, 90 seconds is the most a viewer will tolerate a spotty stream."

Broadcast on multiple platforms & pages simultaneously

Deliver your messages and broadcast your performances on many different destinations & pages at the same time without any limits.

You can publish literally everywhere!

Customize your live stream & increase your notoriety

Customize your content with your logo & tailored graphics to meet professional standards. Be credible & attractive for your followers! Title, logo, timer, scoring, VOD, Twitter & more!

"Having a brand logo on a video can increase purchase intent by 9%." - Twitter

Full redundancy with our fail-safe technology

No more broken feeds because of your Internet connection or local technical issues.

With our 3-level security flow, simulcast your live event everywhere at the same time and never lose audience with our BRB & disconnect protection features.

"Restreaming with guaranteed audience."

Keep in touch with your international community & create content remotely!
Host special guests with our conferencing feature

Real-time remote guests!

Want to invite someone to join your meeting or your talk show? That's easy with! You'll be able to send an invitation link by email or phone number to your guests. They will just have to join you with their webcam or their smartphone, wherever they are!

No software installation required!

Remote work together with our multiplex feature

Comment & react remotely to any type of content!

Mix game environments, players video feeds, VOD (up to 8 video sources 1080p60) and graphics from all over the world in real time with no delay to engage your community.

A great solution to grow your community in different languages while still being cost-efficient in your production.

Limit your production costs!

Deliver your content in every languages

Reaching your audience all over the world? It's possible! With the technologies, manage your audio & video feeds according to their destinations without any difficulty.


Thanks to the etablishment of an exclusive partnership, we are now able to provide you with live captioning performed by professional interpreters!

Boost your digital visibility by exploiting & monetizing your existing content
Alternate live content & VOD playlist

Enhance the content you already have!

With the help of our brand new feature, allows you to create VOD playlist that interacts with your live stream! You'll then be able to replay videos, create best-ofs or organize marathon re-runs of the show your fans love!

An efficient way to create 24/7 channels & offer different contents to your audience, without limits & fully automated!

Sponsor your content & monetize your audience

Sponsor your live stream & monetize your content using your partners' logos or add video ads as VOD playlist!

Engage your audience with instant video highlights

Thanks to our studio, you can decide at any time to create video clips & segments to share your best live stream moments with your fans!

Shorter, these clips will be more viral on social media & will offer a good recap of your live, for optimal visibility!

Interested? Let's talk about your projects.