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Fully automated playlist service for 24/7 live streaming!

Playlist Solution
Enhance the content you already have using our fully automated media playlist!
Playlists Preview
Playlists Feature 1 Add VOD playlist in your live streaming performances
Playlists Feature 2 Create your 24/7 channel with a set of video contents
Playlists Feature 3 Manage advertising clips as a media playlist during your live stream
Playlists Feature 4 Select specific video, audio & CC tracks on the fly
Playlists Feature 5 Broadcast best-of or marathon re-runs in just a few clicks
Mix & Play
Alternate live content & VOD playlist
Mix video playlists & broadcast them live

With our brand-new pack, offers you a dedicated service to create VOD media playlists broadcasted live automatically! You'll then be able to replay videos, create best-of, ad breaks or organize marathon re-runs of the shows your fans love!

Playlists VOD
Best-of - Replay
Playlists Live
Ad breaks
Playlists Ads
Rerun marathon
Mix VOD playlists & live performances
Broadcast non-stop
Create your 24/7 channel with a set of video content
Playlists Generic
Enjoy unlimited video content!

With our playlist solution, you will be able to broadcast content non-stop and offering a unique live streaming experience to your audience. Manage your video set easily with our play count & loop buttons to replay sequences easily.

An efficient way to create your 24/7 channels without any limits thanks to our automated process.
Playlists Loop
Create loop
Playlists Set
Manage your set
Playlists Count
Play count
Multi-tracks media supported
Select specific video, audio & CC tracks on the fly
Manage your tracks

Use automated media playlist to provide an international coverage and select specific video, audio & CC tracks on the fly. The best way to reach out to a worldwide audience!

Playlists Tracks CC
Multistreams options included
Facebook Twitter Periscope
YouTube Caffeine Twitch
Stream natively to Facebook, LinkedIn, Periscope, YouTube, Caffeine & Twitch!
Up to 30
Broadcast on many different destinations & pages at the same time.
Playlists Custom Title
Customize your playlist's title & description and add a logo!
Playlists Clipping
Cut live clips & segments to highlight the best moments of your live stream!
Playlists FHD
Stream your content in the highest resolution, from SD up to 1080p!
Playlists Fail-safe
Full redundancy guaranteed to your audience with our fail-safe stream backup.
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