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A high-end solution for 01 lovers

Our platform is fully API-driven is the best cloud-based solution for your live streaming video production... but not only! It's also THE solution to run your automated processes. With our API, go even further by building your custom set-ups and producing your live streams without any human intervention. It's like plug'n'play, but for developers 😉

Why use the API ?

Being able to personalize your product and combine it with the power of the studio, this is our API's promise. A lot of features are available, it's up to you to choose the ones you need:

  • Create a simplified interface while retaining only the features you need to perform quick set-ups (ex: only the Multistreams / flow distribution part)
  • Automate your tasks (synchronization of calendar for an automatic launch of lives, automatic scoring)
  • Integrate the solution into your product (ex: give access / connection to directly from LiveU encoders)
> Access the API documentation, written by our developers, with love. ♡
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