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How to monitor my live source (push/pull)?

To monitor your live source:

  • Connect to the platform and go to a live control room

On the picture above we have one live source, to access to their monitoring :

  • Click on the "Monitoring" button on the left side of your screen

Via the "live source" drop-down menu select the live source you wish to monitor

After selecting the desired live source, you have the possibility to : 

  • View the selected live source feed by clicking on the "View" button to the right of your screen (only if it's a push input)


  • The state of the live source feed over the entire live duration via the progress bar below (green=live source feed well received by, red=live source feed disconnection with duration indication)
  • The state/usage of memory and CPU from your encoder via the following graphs
  • The audio/video bitrate output from via the "Encoder" tab (example below)
  • The activity time of this live source ("total" at the bottom right of the screen) as well as the disconnection rate in percentage "uptime" (bottom right)

 100%=no disconnection, 90%=10% disconnection during the livestream,...

Congratulations! Now you know how to monitor your live source.