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Stream my Zoom meeting to


  • In the Production Studio (1), add an input (2).
  • In the Live Source tab (3), add a remote guest (4).
  • Share the provided link (5) to the guest who wants to share their Zoom meeting.
  • Enable the remote guest input by clicking on it (6) & check that you're in the test or publishing phase (7).

Zoom host 

  • Open the link provided by and join the live event (A).
  • In the video input, select "Screen Sharing" (B).
  • In the Application Window, select Zoom (C) and Share your screen (D).
  • Check that your video & audio is correctly captured by (E).
  • If ready, Start & Join (F).
  • Go back to the Zoom meeting and go fullscreen (G).


  • Check that the Zoom meeting is correctly received in my control room.
  • Start publishing & record.

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