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How to setup a live connection lost media?


The fallback (Fail-safe stream backup) is an system that automatically trigger the associated input (live source, video or image) if the primary live source is disconnected.


  • The input has to be in the same line
  • Live source can be chained together (fallback)
  • An input can only be used once within its line
  • When triggered, the input is overlayed on top of the associated live source

A fallback can be set on any live source type, to set it up you must:

  • Create a live (1) or join an existing live (2).
  •  In the production Studio (3).
  • Add a fallback file on the same layer than your primary live source with "Add an input" button (4).
  • Access to the live source settings (green pen) (5).
  • Then select in the list the media to display if your live source stream disconnects (there's a default selected picture provided by (6&7).
  • Your live is now secure! If your source is broken, the fallback will automatically start (8).