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Live streaming in RTMP with the Aviwest StreamHub
  • First, add an input in the production studio (1 & 2).
  • In the Live source section (3), add an "Encoder (Push)" input (4).
  • In the RTMP column, select "Other encoder" (5).
  • Copy the provided URL and Stream name.
  • Make sure that your input is correctly enabled on and that you're in the "Testing" or "Publishing" phase.
  • Sign in the Aviwest Streamhub platform with your account
  • Configure your video inputs as usual.
  • Go to the settings tab (A), then in the IP output profile section (B).
  • Add a new IP Output profile (C).
  • Select RTMP protocol, in Push mode.
  • Paste the Stream URL and the Stream key provided previously by
  • Don't forget to save!
  • In your output profile panel at the right, select the input to send to (here it's "PRO3-EASYLIVE") (D).
  • Start sending your feed to with the power button (E).
  • Let's check on if the feed is well received.

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