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Stream to with my Haivision Makito X4
  • Check that you are in "Testing phase" (1).
  • Go to the Production Studio (2).
  • Add a new Haivision SRT input.
  • Keep the link aside for later.
  • Enter the Makito X4 Output settings.
  • Add a new SRT output point by following the parameters below.

Small summary of the settings

  • Address:

You can either use our automatic server, which will pick the closest server to your location, or you can use a specific server from the following list:

    • US West - Oregon:
    • US East - Virginia:
    • LATAM - Brazil:
    • EU - Ireland:
    • Asia Pacific - Mumbai:
    • Asia Pacific - Singapore:
    • Asia Pacific - Seoul:
    • Asia Pacific - Tokyo:
  • Destination port: 8080
  • Stream Publishing ID: See below

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