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Live Streaming With the LiveU LU600

Getting started with the LU600 is super-easy. To begin:

  • Go to LiveU Central and sign in with your credential provided by LiveU.
  • Connect your LU600 to the internet using the method of your choice.
  • Confirm that you have a LiveU reception server (cloud or physical), if you'r not shure, please get in touch with the LiveU support. Above 720p you must inform the LiveU support to check if your server is enough powerfull.

Streaming to

  • Create a new Live stream.
  • Go to the "Production" Section and "Add an input".
  • Select "Live source" -> "Encoder" -> "LiveU".
  • Select the LiveU input in the layers.
  • Go to LiveU Central -> "Manage" -> "Channel" -> select a channel
  • Select RTMP as Stream Type
  • Select "Basic" as Provider
  • Copy/paste the Server URL and the Stream name into the field "Primary URL" and "Stream ID"
  • Start test on and Go Live on your LU600 (or LiveU Central)

If you'r ready to stream you can :

  • "Start publishing & record" on

Don't forget to stop the live with the [END] button!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us and have a look at the other articles!