Use the feed from a remote guest (phone cam, webcam,..)
  • In the Production Studio (1).
  • Start the test phase (2).
  • Add an input (3).
  • In the "Live source" tab (4)
  • Select "Remote capture" (5).
  • Share the provided link to your remote guest (6).
  • Enable the Remote capture live source in the control room (7).
  • Edit the remote capture settings by double-clicking on the input.
  • Enter the remote settings (8).
  • Edit the sources that your remote guest will be able to view on his phone (9). 

During a conference, please keep the  remote capture audio disabled to prevent any echo effect with the "Volume Always off" field.

  • Edit Video/Audio settings from your remote guest (10).
  • Save the remote settings.

Remote guest

  • Open the previously sent link * For Android phones please use only Google Chrome browser, for iPhone (IOS) please use only Safari browser.

If needed, allow to use the smartphone microphone/camera.

  • When ready to stream, simply click on "Start".
  • Return to the platform to check if the stream is received (if not, check the status of your internet connection, it is possible that the bandwidth on your phone is too low). 

* If you get a gray screen or a sound problem -> check that you have no Bluetooth speakers or other audio devices that could conflict with the system.

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