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Streaming from Wirecast

How to ingest a Wirecast feed in

First, add a new Wirecast live source in

  • In the "Production Studio" (A).
  • Add a new Input (B).
  • In the Live Source section, select "Encoder (Push)".
  • Select Wirecast.

Your RTMP Server URL and stream name will be displayed, copy them.

  • Open Wirecast and go to the "Output Settings" panel.
  • Select an H264 encoding profile in the list, please do not use an encoding profile like "x264 H264".

For MAC users, do not use the default "Apple H264" encoder, but instead, use "MainConcept H.264".

  • Paste the address and stream provided by (make sure to remove the / at the end of the address, because Wirecast adds one natively).
  • Check the "Location" field that there are not 2 "/" between the address and the stream name.
  • Start the broadcast on Wirecast.
  • Enable the Wirecast input in (C) and start the test phase to preview the received live feed (D).

Your feed is correctly received. When ready, just click on the "Go Live" button (top right corner).

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