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Zoom custom RTMP (Live)

Stream my current Zoom meeting to


  • In the Production studio (1), add a new input (2).
  • In the Live source section (3), choose "Encoder (push)" (4).
  • In RTMP, choose "Zoom" (5).
  • Copy the provided Server URL/Stream Name.
  • Join your Zoom meeting
  • Click on "More" (6) & "Live on Custom Streaming Services" (7).
  • Paste the Server URL provided by into the Stream URL field (8).
  • Paste the Stream Name provided by (8) in the Stream Key field.
  • Set "" in the "Live streaming page URL".
  • Go Live! (9).


  • Enable the input by clicking on it (10).
  • Start the test phase (11).
Your Zoom feed is successfully pushed onto, now you can:

Add some publishing points

Add some medias asset

Or just, start publishing & record (12).