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Enabling a specific audio Input

How to activate the sound of an input without displaying it?

Create a controll room and add your live source/VODS/...

Place the live source whose audio you want to hear (but not the video) and place it at the bottom of your layer list.

(See the example below with the "cam1"live source for which you want to have the audio but not the video ).

You can place the source in the background via the arrows below.

Or by right-clicking on the desired live source and then "sent to back".

To make sure that the video is not displayed, place the input in question outside the window, for this purpose:

- Temporarily disable your other live source (the one you want to display)

- Move the "Cam1" input out of the preview window, before that, check that you have unlocked the full screen mode.

- Now you can re-enable all your inputs and the "cam1" will not be displayed

You will find below a short demonstration video of how to move an input outside the preview window