How to send a custom RTMP to my Twich channel?
  • Create a live or join the Control Room of an existing live.

The settings applied to the "program feed" determine the maximum quality/format/resolution of your live.

  • Set up the desired quality in the first Program Feed menu. Please note that you can't create another format higher than this one, otherway the output of the said format will not be optimal. Then Save.
  • Add a publish point.
  • Add a new custom RTMP "Other".
  • Go to the Twitch Ingest point setup and select the optimal RTMP ingest point (based on the optimal network paths detected from Twitch to your device).
  • Copy/paste it to the new ingest point on
  • Go to your Twitch Dashboard and go to "Channel Settings".
  • Copy the "Primary Stream Key" from your Twitch Dashboard.
  • Paste it in the "Other" custom RTMP created before on
  • Select the created broadcaster.
  • Start to "publish & record" on
  • Go to your Twitch channel to check if the stream is already received.