Create a LinkedIn Live

The first step to make a livestream on Linkedin is to enable your LinkedIn account to make live streaming, for that you have 2 possiblity:

  1. Ask the team to manage my request to Linkedin
  2. Fill in the form provided by Linkedin

Once your Linkedin account is approuved:

  • Enter a control room in
  • Add the wished live source/media with the [Add an input] button
  • Go to the "Publish" tab  
  • Check the Formats and Qualities setup
  • Click on the [Add or edit Publishing Points] button.
  • You will see the list of all available publishers, select “LinkedIn” in the left bar.
  • Log in with the wished LinkedIn credentials.
  • Allow to access your LinkedIn account.
  • Select your LinkedIn account on
  • Start your live stream by first starting the “Testing” mode.

If you'r ready to go live, just "Start publishing & record"

That’s it! You’re live on LinkedIn.