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Create a scene or macro with inputs on multiple layers at once

A Hotkey is a handy way to select multiple inputs on different layers at the same time.

To set up an input hotkey:

  • Go to a control room Production Studio (1).
  • Add your inputs (2), set up and enable them you want.
  • Click on "Hotkeys" to open the hotkey editor (3).
  • Click on "Add" (4). Your first hotkeys have been created!
  • If needed, adjust each line by clicking on:
    • Blank: When the hotkey is activated, the line will be emptied (every input in the line will be hidden).
    • Inherit: When the hotkey is activated, the line settings are ignored (e.g. if an input is shown it will stay visible but if there's nothing, no change will occur).
  • You can also adjust the parameters that will be saved for each input by clicking on:
    • Position: Save the current position settings.
    • Animations: Save the current animations settings.
    • Audio: Save the current audio settings.
    • Content: Save the current content.
    • Template: Save the current template.
  • Please note that the last line dedicated to audio allows you to enable the audio feedback of an input without displaying it in the program (audio only).

Then you can add more hotkeys to switch from

  • Edit and prepare each input of the display for the new hotkey in the Production.
  • Add one more hotkey section ("+ Add" button in the hotkey editor) (5).
  • If needed, adjust each input/line settings.

In my case I save the position parameter of some input because I will use the same input at different position.

Display a Hotkey

Please note that the hotkeys function is linked to the type of keyboard used (AZERTY/QWERTY), so be careful not to have an incompatibility problem in the shortcuts.

To avoid any problems, recommends that you do not invert the numbers of the hotkeys, this would make your hotkeys unusable by your other collaborators.
(You can also use the letters as a shortcut ).

  • Close the hotkey editor.
  • Then you have 2 buttons in your control room corresponding to hotkey 1 and 2.
  • Simply click on the button corresponding to the macro of input you wish to display in your live.

Example of hotkeys with an input that switches position/size

  • Create the layout: 1 input fullscreen (A).
  • Create the hotkey with that input selected (B & C).

Don't forget to check the "Position" marker on that input: It will save the current position settings.

  • Go back to your layers and change the position/size of that input: - crop, etc. whatever you need.
  • Go back to your hotkey panel and create a new hotkey.
  • Select the same input in this new hotkey.

Make sure to check the "Position" marker on that input. You just saved the current (new) position/size of that input.

  • Try to switch between the 2 hotkeys.

You will see the input changing position and/or size (or having a crop or not). Everything that is in the Position panel of that input will be saved when you check the "Position" marker on the hotkey (all settings in the same panel).

Congratulations! Now you know how to use the hotkeys

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