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Support Knowledge base V12 Advanced Features Real time translation with an interpreter
Set up a live show including Real time translation with an interpreter

Real time translation allow you to easily engage your audience all arround the world. To set up a real time translation workflow please follow the steps bellow:

Create the source in original language (Push)

Please note that if it's an SRT URL you need to contact by chat in order to receive the specific procedure.

Create the pull input to share with the interpreter
Set up the interpreter's video return
  • Go to the remote guest settings (A & B).
  • Select a template with one asset.
  • Select the pull input return (for interpreter).
  • If necessary, disable the interpreter's video return.
  • Apply the changes.
Configure the audio levels of the different inputs

Please use the following audio recommendations:

  • For the audience (2), the volume of the audio in the original language is very low, so that the audience can hear very well in the translated language.
  • For the interpreter, the volume is at 100% so that he can translate in real time with the volume loud enough.

Your event is ready, you can start the test phase and check that everything is fine.

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