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Support Knowledge base V12 Getting started Network prerequisites
Is my network configured to use

It is important that you make sure that your network is configured to use to so you don't have to worry about the device on which you manage your feed.

To use services, there are some network prerequisites.

We use HTTP, HTTPS, RTMP, and WebRTC protocols, please check with your IT department to ensure that these protocols are not blocked. uses sending and receiving on the following ports to allow live broadcasting:
■80/TCP (HTTP)
■ 443/TCP (HTTPS)
■ 1935/TCP+UDP (RTMP)
■ 8080/TCP+UDP (SRT)
■ 1024-65535/UDP (WebRTC)

In addition, there must not be any firewalls installed that block HTTP, HTTPS, RTMP, or WebRTC protocols.

These ports must be open to any public IP address.
If this is not doable, it is necessary to allow AWS servers to work with your network, as our services are cloud-based on AWS.

You can consult AWS recommendations regarding firewalls here.

2. Once the ports above have been opened and checked, go to the following site.

3. Click on "continue without audio/or video" and then click on "start"

4. Once the test is complete, check that everythings is supported on your device.

Reserved Bandwidth

  • Per operator in the Control Room: 1Mb/s download per source + about 3Mb/s upload (If the operator is NOT a source or have sources to upload to
  • Per operator in the Multiview: 1Mb/s download per source + 3 Mb/s upload

If you still can't visualize your feed, we invite you to contact us.