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Add a screen capture live source (local-screen, game,..)
  • In the Production Studio (1).
  • Start the test phase (2).
  • Add an input (3).
  • In the Live Source tab (4).
  • Select Screen capture (5).
  • Select the screen/tab/app to display (6).
  • Enable audio (7).
  • Share (8).
  • Enable the input by clicking on it (9).

Want to add some publishing points? Or some other input?

Otherwise, you can Start publishing & record.

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Possible Issue:

If the following message is displayed in the audio tab "Please invoke getUserMedia once", this means that you have not allowed to access your camera and/or microphone.

To solve the problem click on "Secure" in the search bar when you are on the Remote capture live source management page and allow to access your camera and microphone.

The problem should be solved, otherwise please contact