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Live streaming SRT to with Vmix
  • Check that you are in the Testing¬†phase (1).
  • Go to the¬†Production¬†Studio¬†(2).
  • Add a Other SRT encoder¬†input (Live Source -> Encoder (push) -> Other SRT encoder).
  • Keep the link aside for later.
  • Enter the Vmix SRT output settings.

A small summary of the settings

  • Hostname:

Use the address/server proposed by when creating the input (See below).

 Specific hostname list:

    • US West - Oregon:
    • US East - Virginia:
    • LATAM - Brazil:
    • EU - Ireland:
    • Asia Pacific¬†-¬†Mumbai:
    • Asia Pacific¬†-¬†Singapore:
    • Asia Pacific¬†-¬†Seoul:
    • Asia Pacific¬†-¬†Tokyo:
    • Asia Pacific - Sydney:¬†
  • Destination port: 8080
  • Stream ID: See below
  • Quality: H264 or H265 (HEVC)
  • Your SRT Output setup should look like this:
  • Check that the feed is well received on the side.

When ready, Start publishing & record!

In case the stream is not received on the side, check your Vmix configuration and gradually increase the latency until the stream is correctly received.

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