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Stream to Dailymotion with a custom RTMP

Dailymotion is a French technology platform for video sharing, mainly owned by Vivendi. There are pre-recorded videos but also live videos.

As a reminder, RTMP is today the most widely used protocol. So, stream your custom RTMP to Dailymotion will allow you to:

- Offer your community a high quality live event.
- Reduce the latency of your live stream.
- Integrate a wide variety of media into your live show thanks to the studio.

You've decided to stream to Dailymotion with a custom RTMP?

Discover our tutorial to achieve this easily and in just a few clicks

  • Log into your Dailymotion account.
  • Open the Settings panel (1) and enter the "Partner HQ" panel (2).
  • Select "Live streams" (3), and create a new live stream (4).
  • Set up your event and click on "next" (5).
  • Copy the provided Stream URL / Stream key and click on "configure live stream".
  • Open your live event & follow this tutorial explaining how to add a custom RTMP publishing point on

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