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How to create a IFB (Interruptible foldback)?
Add your technical director audio input
  • In the easylive.io Production Studio (1), add an input (2).
  • In the "Live source" tab (3), and select "Capture audio device" (4).
Add your remote guest input
  • Add a new layer (5).
  • Add a new input (6).
  • Again, in the Live source tab, add a "Remote capture" live source (7).
  • Share the provided link to your remote guest.
  • Enable your remote guest input by clicking on it (8).
  • To enable the audio/video feedback, Start the test phase (9).
Start the Technical director audio feedback
  • Click on the Technical Director (TD) green pen (10).
  • Select the desired microphone and click on "Start & Join" (11).
Set up the remote guest
  • Open your remote guest settings panel (12 & 13).

You now have the possibility to:

  • Manage local audio feedback (Volume always On, Volume always Off, Volume on mouse over). Only available if live input or video asset.
  • Manage local video feedback (Mobile, SD, HD, FHD). Only available if live input or video asset.

To set up an Interruptible foldback please apply the settings below.

Send this cheat sheet to your remote guests
On the remote guest device
  • Open the link sent by easylive.io.
  • Select the video/audio device.
  • Start & Join.

Your remote guest can now hear the TD on his or her device.

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