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Add or edit a playlist

If you only have a Playlist subscription plan you can skip to part 4.

  • In the Production Studio (1).
  • Add a new Input (2).
  • Go to the “Video/Playlist” section (3).
  • Select “Add playlist” (4).

The playlist management interface will open up 

  1. Add your media(s)*
  2. Order them
  3. Check all parameters *
  4. Launch the playlist -> play button


You can import media(s) from :

  • Your local files (Max 5Gb)
  • URLs (No size limit)
  • Your media bin


  • Play count: Number of times the video (or playlist) will be displayed.
  • Loop: You can loop all the playlist or just one media.
  • Empty: Delete definitely all media on the list. 
  • Export: This will export you a file in an (.elp) format.
  • Import: Note that you can only import a playlist that was previously exported via

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