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How to setup a conference with multiple LiveU "Guest interview"?
Add your first LiveU guest interview in easylive.io
  • In the "Live source" tab, select "Encoder (push)" (3).
  • Select "RTMP LiveU" (4).
  • Enable the LiveU input by clicking on it.
  • We recommend renaming the input.
  • Set up the delay to 2s for each remote guest.
  • Copy the Streaming URL/Stream name (5).
Set up my first remote guest in LiveU Central
  • Add your first "Guest interview" (6).
  • Set up the registration settings.
  • Send the invitation to your guest and close the window.
Set up the LiveU remote guest streaming output
  • Go to "Manage" (7), then click on "Channel" (8).
  • Open the first channel settings panel (9).
  • In the steaming section, paste the RTMP URL (=Primary URL) & Stream name (=Stream ID) provided previously by easylive.io at step 5 (10).
  • Return to the unit list (11) and¬†check that the correct publication point is selected (12).

Repeat the operation 1 to 12 for each remote guest.

For this conference example, you will have 3 remote guests.

Don't forget to set up each remote guest input delay at 2 s.

  • Start the test phase in easylive.io to enable the preview.

When ready, start publishing & record.

ūüĎȬ†Next steps

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