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Use the feed from a remote guest (phone cam, webcam,..)
  • In the Production Studio (1).
  • Start the test phase (2).
  • Add an input (3).
  • In the "Live source" tab (4)
  • Select "Remote capture" (5).
  • Share the provided link to your remote guest (6).
  • Enable the Remote capture live source in the control room.
  • By default, your guest will see all video inputs (VODs & live sources) as well as the return of the program feed.

If you want to modify the video/audio feedback of your guest:

  • Enter the remote guest settings panel (A & B).
  • Set up your guest's Video/Audio sending parameters (C).
  • Setup his Video/Audio feedback (D).
  • Save the remote settings.

Remote guest

Send this cheat sheet to your remote guests
  • Open the previously sent link 

PC, Mac, Linux, Android users, please use Google Chrome.

iPhone/Ipad (IOS) users, please only use Safari.

Please note that we recommend the following bandwidths depending on the desired sending quality:
  • 0.5 Mb/s to stream in the minimum required quality.
  • 1.5 Mb/s to stream in 480p SD.
  • 2.5 Mb/s to stream in 720p HD.
  • 4 Mb/s to stream in 1080p HD.

If needed, allow easylive.io to use the devices' microphone/camera.

  • When ready to stream, simply click on "Start & join".
  • Return to the easylive.io platform to check if the stream is received (if not, check the status of your internet connection, the bandwidth on your device may be too low). 

* If you get a gray screen or a sound problem -> check that you have no Bluetooth speakers or other audio devices that could conflict with the easylive.io system.

Ready to go live? Start publishing & record. Enjoy.

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