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How to stream to Facebook?
  • Create or join a control room (1).
  • Open the Publish tab (2).
  • Click on Add or edit publishing points (3).
  • Under the Facebook panel (4), click on Log in with Facebook (5).
  • Click continue and allow easylive.io to publish to your Facebook account.
  • You now have access to the list of pages/groups to which you can publish to.

To stream on a Facebook group, please follow this tutorial.

  • Otherwise, select the desired page
  • Back to your control room, you can see that your page has been added to the list of publishing points (6).
  • Start the Test phase (7) (you will not go live on Facebook).

If you haven't already done so, go add and configure your inputs.

  • As soon as you're ready, hit "Start publishing and record" (8).
That's it! You're live streaming your feed on Facebook.

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