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How to Stream to Facebook Groups with easylive.io?

With easylive.io, you can go Live to any Facebook Groups that you have Admin permissions for via Facebook. However, an Admin of the Facebook Group must first accept easylive.io as a streaming destination. If this is not done, you will see Error 200 appear on the screen when you try to go live.

This guide will show you how to stream to a Facebook Group from start-to-finish.

STEP ONE: Set Up Your Facebook Group For Streaming

  • Navigate to your Group on Facebook. Remember that you must be an Admin of the group. Select "More...", and then choose "Edit Group Settings".
  • Scroll down to where it says "Add Apps". Click on this.
  • Search for "easylive.io" and select it.

Confirm that you wish to allow streaming to your Group from easylive.io's servers. Select "Add".

Close the final confirmation box.

STEP TWO: Set Up Your Live Event On easylive.io

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