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How is calculated my invoice?

I don't understand my invoice, how is it calculated?
Invoices are made up of two parts:
  • A fixed-rate: the subscription rate which is determined by the subscription period (monthly/annually) plus the support level (Standard, Silver, Gold).
  • A live stream consumption: the amount of live streaming time consumed multiplied by the price per hour. The price per hour is also determined by the selected service and options.
Good to know
  1. In the "TESTING" or "PUBLISHING" phase, each minute will be billed.
  2. Beyond a consumption of $100 USD/100€, a bill is automatically generated and the money will be charged to the credit card associated with the account.
Phase 1. "Setting Up"
This phase is not invoiced.

Take advantage of this moment to:

Phase 2. "Testing" 

The invoicing starts here and until the live stream is ended (back to the "Setting Up" phase or ended after the "Publishing" phase). The charging fee is a pro-rata per minute of the hourly price. Start this phase when you want to try out your videos & live feeds or validate your show's scenes.

Phase 3. "Publishing" 

This phase is charged just like the "Testing" phase. Proceed to this phase when you want to publish your feeds to the chosen publishing points.


  1. Once your event is over, and you want to stop your live stream, don't forget to actually stop it via the "End" button, located in the top-right corner of the live stream panel. Or, if you're in the "Testing" phase, use the "Back to setting up" button located at the left of the status of the phase.
  2. Closing the browser or the tab will not stop a live stream from being published. You will continue to be billed until the "End" button is clicked (automatic shutdown after 24 hours).

Find our different packs and options available as well as our prices here.

Prices decrease according to the volume of the live stream, so do not hesitate to contact our sales representatives to discuss your projects and expectations!

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