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Caffeine dedicated to gaming and live streaming experience!

Who is Caffeine? 

After YouTube, Twitch and Mixer, a new platform arrived in the live streaming world: Caffeine! 
Started in 2018 by former Apple designer Ben Keighran, Caffeine is a social broadcasting platform for gaming, entertainment, and the creative arts.

Live stream needs & objectives 

Caffeine needed an efficient and optimized solution to broadcast a¬†¬ęrerun marathon¬Ľ regarding two successful series on its platform. The episode sequences had to be fully automated and uninterrupted to ensure a continuous broadcast for an entire week! missions

- Offer to Caffeine the possibility to broadcast video contents during 7 days non-stop and with a fully automated live stream technology (playlist)
- Guarantee professional live streaming quality and optimized workflow management
- Ensure minimum latency
- Provide a back-up (second video stream or specific message) to keep the audience under any circumstances

Automated media playlist workflow (up to 24/7)

Last November, decided to run a new beta feature: the automated media playlist. With this technical achievement, we want to offer a new live streaming experience, without human intervention.
What to use our media playlist workflow feature for? 
- To broadcast fully automated marathon re-runs with just a few clicks
- To create your 24/7 channel with a set of video contents
- To mix VOD playlists with your live streaming performances
- To manage advertising clips as a media playlist during your live stream
To test this new feature, an exclusive partner chose to follow us.
Its name: Caffeine!

First rerun marathon for Caffeine!


Our challenge


Caffeine chose technology to run its first fully automated live marathon.
Two series were highlighted:
- Dungeons and dragons
- 8th dimension 


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