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Who is EA Sports?

Electronic Arts Inc. is a global leader in digital interactive entertainment. EA develops and delivers games, content and online services for Internet-connected consoles, mobile devices and personal computers. EA has more than 300 million registered players around the world.

Live stream needs & objectives

For the Fifa - FUT 19 Champions Cup, EA Sports wanted to get an all-in-one live streaming solution to broadcast the whole competition simultaneously to several platforms and in different languages. As an additional need, the objective was also to integrate custom graphic templates and video and/or audio feeds from local commentators based in several countries. Ea sports wished reaching the largest audience as possible and offering the best live streaming experience to the worldwide Fifa’s fan community.

easylive.io missions

  • Broadcast live stream Fifa - FUT 19 Champions Cup simultaneously to several platforms (Multi-streams)
  • Invite remote guests (local partners/ comentators) to ensure multi languages coverage
  • Mix remote location
  • Localize graphics & titles for a better engagement in each region
  • Optimize live stream quality by reducing encoding steps
  • Centralize video production management for the whole technical team
  • Guarantee full redundancy with our fail-safe technology (back up)

Multi-Lingual Stream Workflow

Workflow previously used by EA Sports 

Lack of control and quality decrease (several encodings)

EA produced a clean feed or a mix minus and distributed it to selected local partners to cover multiple languages.

Main issues: 

  • High production costs caused by important technical systems setting up in each country.
  • Feeds are no longer centralized
  • No control on the local setup, ISP or publishing destinations
  • Quality decrease (several encodings)
  • No guarantee and no back up regarding internet connection or local technical issues

A unique value proposition with easylive.io 

New and Ideal Multi-Lingual Stream Workflow
Made possible thanks to easylive.io
EA produced a clean feed or a mix minus and distributed it to selected local partners to cover multiple languages in Saudi Arabia, Argentina and Brazil.
Each local partner used easylive.io to produce their localized stream.

English / Spanish / Portoguese / Arabic

Results & benefits

EA sports advantages using easylive.io solution 

  • Cost reduction 

  • Centralized feed management 

  • Inviting guest or commentators getting super easy (customized url sent to each local partner) with various possibilities (audio + video or just audio)  

  • Control on the Output in each region, independent of the local setup

  • Audience and Engagement Maximized by following quality recommendations (transcoding) for each platform

  • Backup to keep your audience under any circumstances

  • 1080p 60fps monitoring 

  • Graphics & titles localization for a better engagement in each region

  • Decrease in the number of encoding steps (-1)





Previous workflow vs easylive.io comparison

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