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Let’s Go Gaming Esports

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About Let’s Go Gaming Esports

Let's Go Gaming is committed to providing a safe space for all types of gamers and their families.

They offer a wide range of tournaments customized fit the needs of all gamer levels. All events are monitored and refereed by the Let's Go Staff providing one on one customer support leading up to, during, and after their events. Let’s Go Gaming is also dedicated to partnering with local community groups and charities to use esports as a new form of community fundraising initiative. Let’s Go Gaming believes that only by working together, with existing youth organizations, can esports, and video games in general, become a positive outlet for our younger generations.

More information is available at 

Live stream needs & objectives

When Hockey shut down because of the pandemic situation, Let’s Go Gaming team wanted to offer an online alternative to the players. With the only option to go online and in a distributed environment, the team started with cloud productions. 

Let’s Go Gaming runs tournaments with 40 players on average. Everyone plays from home, the casters and invitees are all in a different location too. missions

  • Retrieving multiple streams of different formats and mixing them in the same platform. 
  • Providing a professional studio to broadcast live content on Twitch.
  • Enabling remote live production, in real time, in a safe cloud environment to avoid one point of failure.
  • Enabling remote and collaborative workflows for the technical team.
  • Ensuring a continuous live streaming production without broken feeds because of Internet connection or local technical issues.
  • Guarantee a professional and High quality stream.

The DonMills Flyers NHL21 eSports Classic

This NHL21 happened online on December 18th 2021 and the winner took home a PlayStation 5!

For this show, they had multiple live sources in the control room:

  • a few remote guests in WebRTC
  • 2 RTMP inputs for gameplay (1 primary and 1 backup) sent out from local OBS setup
  • and 1 playlist to playout pre-recorded content

The operator prepared a few hotkeys to switch between the different scenes:

  • the intro slate,
  • the host in full screen,
  • the host and his co-caster,
  • the gameplay in full screen with the host and the co-caster live feeds as a picture in picture,
  • the interview between the co-casters and one or two remote guests,
  • and a outro slate.


The casters were commenting in real time the gameplay they were watching in HD on their respective multiview while connected to their remote capture link.

They created multiple custom layouts to display several persons interacting with each other between matches.


This is the outro slate. A simple PNG file in 1920 x 1080p resolution does the trick.

If you want to experience the big Final of the tournament: 

You can also find the playoffs results at:

What's next?

The team at Let’s Go Gaming wants to do more of those tournaments, engage even more the community and expand their reach with other games like Rocket League.

Bringing the players’ friends and parents together in the technology is something the team would like to look at in the near future.

Testimony is a truly remarkable piece of technology. It is both a tool for communication with my team during our events as well as being able to ingest and push all of our live feeds. Creating quality layouts for our content is simple and intuitive. Without our esports live stream workflows would simply not be possible.

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