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Olympique de Marseille dedicated to sport and live streaming experience!

Who is OM?

The "Olympique de Marseille", often quoted as OM, is a French soccer club, based in Marseille. World renown, the OM performs in national tournaments and ascends in the international scene competing in the greatest championships. 

Live stream needs & objectives

The OM soccer club was looking for a live stream solution to broadcast a "Live talk" during match days. The second objective was to broadcast their club press conferences on several platforms and with customized video templates. missions

  • Ensure club's press conferences live streaming
  • Broadcast a "Live Talk" show with custom templates, match hightlights and an interactive format (social network integration). 
  • Retrieve several video streams from different sources + different places and mix them via our studio.


During match days, OM soccer club broadcasts a live show called "Live talk".
Objective: Analyzing and highlighting best moments and match actions by commentators but also talk about fan prognostics thanks to an interactive live stream format. 


Services provided by

  • Velodrome studio capture
  • Template integrated in our studio and provided by OM local control room.
  • Transcoding to match the recommended video quality per destination to get the maximum viewership and associated retention.
  • Main stream retrieving by
  • Second smartphone stream retrieving by to integrate fan atmosphere. 
  • Photo retrieval taken from the field edge.
  • Mix sources.
  • Transcoding, back up (disconnect protection features) and multistream.




Services provided by


- Two cameras at two different locations
- Video feeds forwarded to
- On-demand switch between the video feeds 
- Custom design Cloud live management
- Transcoding, multi streaming and back up (disconnect protection features)



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