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Who is NODWIN Gaming?

Established in 2015, India based NODWIN Gaming nourishes the dynamic gaming & esports ecosystem both domestically and internationally. Fueled by innovative ideas and passion, the company brings expertise and solutions in all of the aspects within the broad label of the esports industry. From tournaments & events, through influencers & content, to marketing & activations. You name it. Today NODWIN Gaming has 11 different IPs of different games including Valorant, Counter-Strike, PUBG Mobile, Dota 2, FIFA20 and Clash Of Clans, among others. The company currently operates in India, the Middle East, and South Africa and claims to have produced over 10,000 hours of gaming content, and organized more than 100 gaming and esports events with 100Mn viewers.
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Live stream needs & objectives

NODWIN Gaming's team needs a professionnal live streaming solution to broadcast tournaments and esports talk show on multiple destinations at once (Facebook, YouTube, Twitch ...) including the possibility to localize feeds and ensure a multilingual stream workflow. Deliver a good live streaming quality and ensure a full redundancy of the stream without any broken feeds was also essential. missions

  • Providing a professional studio to broadcast live NODWIN Gaming content on multiple destinations at once as YouTube channels, Twitch and OTT platforms in different languages (localized feeds) 
  • Ensure the control on the Output in each region, independent of the local setup (multilingual stream workflow)  
  • Enabling remote live production, in real time, in a safe cloud environment to avoid one point of failure
  • Enabling remote and collaborative workflows for the technical team 
  • Providing technical support to NODWIN Gaming. 
  • Ensuring a continuous live streaming production without broken feeds because of Internet connection or local technical issues.
  • Guarantee a professional and High quality stream (1080p 60fps)


Focus PUBG MOBILE Pro League S1


One of the best esports productions of NODWIN Gaming is PUBG mobile launched in 2018: "PUBG Mobile was one of the major contributors to esports prize money pool in India but also democratised gaming by making content available in many regional languages". That is why today big tournaments such as the PUBG mobile Pro League rally millions of views online. 
For the PMPL South Asia Finals | PUBG MOBILE Pro League the format included: 16 qualified squads / 3 action-packed days / 5 matches per day 
A show was broadcasted online (YouTube) with commentators present on a set watching players and commenting on their performances.

Services provided by

Multistream and Multi-Lingual Stream Workflow

- Multistream feature was used to broadcast live NODWIN content on multiple destinations at once as YouTube channels, Twitch and OTT platforms in differents languages (localized feeds) 
- With NODWIN had the control on the output in each region, independent of the local setup (multilingual stream workflow) 
- Nodwin can also broadcast a professional and High quality live stream (1080p 60fps) using studio

Full redundancy with fail-safe technology

NODWIN used our Backup and fail safe features to ensure a full redundancy of their stream without any broken feeds. 
Indeed, they enjoyed our 3-level security flow to simulcast their live event everywhere at the same time and never loose audience thanks to our BRB & disconnect protection features.
"Restreaming with guaranteed audience."

Example powered by



" is a robust platform that’s simple and secure. NODWIN Gaming extensively used the cloud production of especially during the lockdown which helped us through our daily tournaments. Be it re-broadcasting to multiple channels or using the platform as a virtual studio for our production team and the casters or even its fall-back systems, easylive makes NODWIN self-sufficient at many levels" 

Gautam Virk, COO & Co-Founder, NODWIN Gaming.

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