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Recode by Vox

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What is Recode? 

Recode, owned by Vox Media, focuses on technology and digital media news, particularly pertaining to the business of Silicon Valley. 

Live stream needs & objectives

Recode needed a professional live streaming tool to produce and broadcast the first episode of Recode Media@Home, their brand new digital talkshow. 

In the first livestream event, live on May 7th 2020, Recode senior correspondent Peter Kafka interviews SoundCloud CEO Kerry Trainor on the challenges of running a streaming audio business with hundreds of millions of users and a workforce distributed around the world. To ensure this production, it was also necessary for producers to get a global remote solution to invite guest from home and manage the whole live workflow from the cloud. missions

  • Enabling remote conversations with no specific hardware and software
  • Enabling remote and collaborative workflows for the technical team at Recode
  • Providing technical support to Recode’s team and remote guests

Recode Media@Home

A 100% digital talkshow

Recode Media@Home was launch in may 2020. Is a curated series of live, candid conversations with top leaders in media and tech on how they’re building products for the current moment, making decisions about their business, and navigating the rapidly shifting landscape

Services provided by


  • REMOTE GUEST FEATURE2 remote capture invites to have the host, Peter Kafka and the guest, Kerry Trainor joining the same live stream from their respective homes, talking together as if they were in the same studio.
  • CUSTOM TOOLS: Overlays and lower thirds were added directly to the Studio to create a nice composition to respect the Recode Media@Home branding

Mix, Highlight & Switch

HOTKEYS TECHNOLOGY3 presets configured in hotkeys to create the different compositions / layouts that were necessary for this show:

    • The host in full screen
    • The two talking next to each other
    • And the guest in full screen