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Blog Our Fabulous Customers JSWORLD Conference 2021: special interview with Nikolett Brander!
JSWORLD Conference 2021: special interview with Nikolett Brander!
The JSWORLD Conference took place from Monday, February 22 to Saturday, February 27, 2021. A first edition 100% digital operated by Nikolett Brandner - Producer and audio and video organizer at Frontend Love and Vuejs Amsterdam - from the cloud & using the studio. Discover her interviewer and her exceptional feedback on this digital transition carried out in a totally dematerialized way through!
1- About the JSWORLD Conference?

JSWORLD Conference organizes the largest, most fun and engaging JavaScript Conferences around the globe. With our conferences Vuejs Amsterdam, React Conference Live and JSWORLD Conference we like to bring the JavaScript Community a learnful and unforgettable experience to take home.

2. What were your initial requirements in terms of live streaming?
When our conferences needed to move online due to Covid, it was urged to find a reliable streaming solution which can handle thousands of viewers without any issues. We tried several other systems but none of them was what we actually needed. That’s when we came across! Its cloud based solution really made our life easier and it made conference streaming less stressful. It allowed us to mix live elements with pre-recordings and setting up the stream to multiple channels has never been easier as well!
3. How responds to your needs? is everything which we could ask for. It is the Swiss Army Knife when it comes to streaming. With, we could integrate cloud based pre-recordings, our own pictures, motion graphics, multiple elements and even third party plugins only with a few clicks. Since JSWORLD Conference has several events during the year, we needed to adapt to a new system very quickly but it was not an issue with The whole platform is very straightforward and easy to use, which came really handy for us.
4. How did you manage this digital transition and what kind of workflow did you create to adapt by using technology?
Our conferences always have some live elements in them, to bring the online experience a little closer to the audience. With, it was really very easy to mix together. Before the conference day, we built up the pre-recorded video schedule in a playlist and when it was needed we just switched between the live Q&A, plugged in via a 3rd party solution, and the pre-recorded videos. It saved us a lot of time and we could prepare everything ahead which made the streaming less stressful. Also the hot keys came really handy when the conference started. By only pressing one key, we could change the whole set up and change to the next part of the schedule. This feature helped a lot for us to get prepared for every scenario which could happen during the live stream.
5. Do you have some information about stats, performances? 
Of course! During these 5 days we did more than 40 hours of live. On Friday, February 26th, we started with the Vuejs Amsterdam 24 Hour conference, the biggest and most epic Vue conference in the world. This week is the equivalent of over 100 talks, covering about 20 different topics with over 52,000 JavaScript enthusiasts signing up for a full week of content. Continuous daily participation was 12,398 participants! On the technical side our stream was at 30fps with an avg last conf bitrate = 0.19 kbps.
Any final words? made our streaming of pre-recordings and live broadcasting experience way easier, reliable and much more fun!
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