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Cloud-based live video production solution for simple & advanced workflows!

Studio Solution
Manage all your live streaming production from your browser
Studio Preview
Studio Feature 1 Customize your live stream with your logo, specific templates & interactive titles
Studio Feature 2 Mix any media in real time (VOD, picture, live sources...)
Studio Feature 3 Up to 8 live sources @ 1080p60 per studio
Studio Feature 4 Match the recommended video quality per destination (transcoding)
Studio Feature 5 Remote host & commentators in real time for multi-languages workflows
Studio Feature 6 Multistreams & Playlist solutions are included in our Studio service!
Broadcast Non-Stop
Create your 24/7 channel with a set of video content
Studio Generic
Studio Capture Video
Capture video devices
(Webcam, mobile phone...)
Studio Capture Audio
Capture audio devices
(Microphone, mobile phone...)
Studio Remote Guest
Remote capture
(Invite remote guests, webcam, screen sharing, phone...)
Studio Screen
Screen capture
(Local screen, game...)
Studio Push
Encoders (push)
(LiveU, Teradek, OBS, Wirecast, Aviwest...)
Studio Pull
Pull a live source
We support every I/O protocols
Supported Protocol Input Output
RTMP/RTMPS (push & pull)
SRT (push & pull)
RTSP (pull only)
MPEG-TS, UDP/TCP, RTP, HTTP(S) (pull only)
HLS (pull only)
Configure & Edit
Centralize & manage your production in our all-in-one live streaming studio
Studio Configure & Edit
“The most competitive live stream solution on the market!”
Studio Calendar
Studio Calendar
Planning overview
Schedule live streams
Ended live streams view
Studio Settings
Studio Settings
Choose formats
Choose qualities
Choose destinations (Multistreams)
Studio Control Room
Studio Control Room
Control Room
Add live sources & VOD
Customize your live stream
Manage all your production process
Chat & achieve collaborative work
Studio Monitoring
Studio Monitoring
Get real-time monitoring
Check your ingests' performances (reliability, audio & video sync, FPS, bitrate...)
Monitor your destinations & publishing points with live feedbacks
Studio Back Up
Studio Back Up
Securize your feed with our automatic fail-safe technology
Customize your back up feed
Add a secondary stream or a media as fallbacks
Mix & Customize
Interact with your video production in real time & mix any type of content
Studio Mix
Manage your feed in real-time with our overlay-based technology
Mix VOD, playlist, pictures & audio comments in your live production
Add & mix different live sources (up to 8!) in just a few clicks
Create hotkeys to switch scenes with professional transitions
Integrate any 3rd-party service in our studio & maximize your audience's experience. Check out our partners!
Studio Customize
Upload custom templates (PNG, BMP, GIF...) or load your favorites (HTML,
Add your brand's visual identity & sponsors' logos
Create lower third titles (scrolling banners, speakers' names, topic titles...)
Make your fans' comments appear live in your feed! Add our Twitter module to display questions from your followers, feedbacks or retweets!
It's game time with our scoring & timers plug-ins! Keep track of your match's time & score
Remote Guests
Comment & react remotely to any type of content
How to use our conferencing feature for interviews, commentary & more?
Studio Capture Video
No software or installation required!
Studio Capture Audio
Send a custom invitation link by email or phone number & invite your guests to join your live stream from our studio
Studio Remote Guest
Setting-free! Pre-configure your invitation & your guests will just click'n'join!
Studio Screen
Add multiple players' cameras & commentators to your live stream!
Studio Push
Localize your feed with local commentary for multi-languages workflows
Studio Pull
Highlight a guest by focusing on a specific scene or hiding other cameras in one click!
Studio Zoom
100% supported on
Publish & Share
Multicast everywhere without any limits and share clips in real-time
Studio Publish & Share
Live clipping & segments
Highlights the best moments of your live stream

You can decide at any time to create video clips & segments to share your best live stream moments with your fans!

Multi-Instances Workflow
Manage your production remotely and collaborate with your team & partners
Studio Multi-Instances
Create collaborative workflows between your teams' suppliers & partners
Handle complex processes such as multi-language support for your live events with remote teams all over the world
Allow remote technicians to operate your account regarding the control room, the clipping tool & more!
Publish your feeds on specific pages depending on the language of your audience, automatically matching the graphics & enhancing the comprehension for your audience
Multistreams & Playlist options included
Facebook Twitter Periscope
YouTube Caffeine Twitch
Stream natively to Facebook, LinkedIn, Periscope, YouTube, Caffeine & Twitch!
Up to 30
Broadcast on many different destinations & pages at the same time.
Playlists Custom Title
Customize your playlist's title & description and add a logo!
Playlists Clipping
Cut live clips & segments to highlight the best moments of your live stream!
Playlists FHD
Stream your content in the highest resolution, from SD up to 1080p!
Playlists Fail-safe
Full redundancy guaranteed to your audience with our fail-safe stream backup.
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