How to add a pull live source (IP Cam, Web feed,RTMP/M3U8 link,..)?

To add a new pull input:

  • Create a new live (or enter in a Control Room)
  • Click the ADD button (This will launch a new lightbox that will add a new Live source/media). This can include cameras, encoders (like Wirecast) and more. Pick your source and select CHOOSE.
  • For Push live source, please see this article
  • Otherwise, select "Pull a live source"
  • For Pull live source you must :
  1. Select the used Protocol
  2. Setup the Pull URL (RTMP(S), SRT, RTSP, MPEG-TS (UDP, TCP, HTTP), HLS, DASH)
  • Now your live source is displayed in the control room, you just have to select it and "Start Test" to see if your live source is well received by
  • If everything is fine you can "Start publishing & record".