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Integrate Dropbox in 10 steps

To add a picture/video from your Dropbox account to your control room just:

  • Go to the "Production Studio" (1) and "Add an input" (2).
  • Go to the "Dropbox" section  (3) and click "Authorize" (4).
  • You will be redirected to the Dropbox login page, enter your Dropbox ID and login
  • Your account has been linked to, an "home" directory is now available in the "Dropbox" section (5).
  • Go to your Dropbox account, you will see that a new "Apps/" directory has been created at the root of your Dropbox account (6).
  • Place in the "" directory the files you wish to access via later (for example the "test.jpg" file below) (7).
  • Return to the Dropbox tab ("Add an input" button in the control room)(8).
  • You will notice that the previously added input on Dropbox is available in the list of the section "Dropbox" (9).
  • Add it to your live source list via the button located on the right (10).

Congratulations! Your Dropbox input has been well added to your control room.

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