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Integrate Dropbox in 10 steps

Due to random problems with Dropbox servers, we no longer recommend using Dropbox source input (the dropbox integration for uploading your live backup will still be kept).

To be able to add videos of more than 5Gb on, we invite you to use an Amazon S3 Bucket (the most reliable) and to add your videos via public URL (provided by AWS S3).

Link to the tutorial: "How to import files(s) from my AWS S3 Bucket".


To add a picture/video from your Dropbox account to your control room just:

  • Go to the "Production Studio" (1) and "Add an input" (2).
  • Go to the "Dropbox" section  (3) and click "Authorize" (4).
  • You will be redirected to the Dropbox login page, enter your Dropbox ID, and log in.
  • Your account has been linked to, an "home" directory is now available in the "Dropbox" section (5).
  • Go to your Dropbox account, you will see that a new "Apps/" directory has been created at the root of your Dropbox account (6).
  • Place in the "" directory the files you wish to access via later (for example the "test.jpg" file below) (7).
  • Return to the Dropbox tab ("Add an input" button in the control room)(8).
  • You will notice that the previously added input on Dropbox is available in the list of the section "Dropbox" (9).
  • Add it to your live source list via the button located on the right (10).

Congratulations! Your Dropbox input has been well added to your control room.

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