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Support Knowledge base V12 Advanced Features Export/restore a setup
Export/restore an setup (production, publish setup)
Production setup

You don't want to upload a video or a graphic each time you want the same branding in a project which has a similar workflow & branding?

To restore or export the configuration present in your production studio, you just have to use the EXP/IMP buttons on your Production Studio (1&2).

The format of the file to import/export is .elds

Elements exported:

  • Layout (layers)
  • Texts
  • Graphics (PNG files)
  • VOD & Playlists
  • Hotkeys

Namely: Importing a configuration file automatically erases all sources/layers already present in your control room.

After importing a past configuration, you simply need to create the live inputs and fix your hotkeys accordingly.

Publish setup

In order to restore or export a previous live publishing setup (formats&qualities) you just have to use the EXP/IMP buttons on your Publish panel(3&4).

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