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Add a scoreboard to my live stream

A scoreboard is a graphic that allow you to display a game score live. 

Adding a scoreboard on your live stream will allow you to:

- Implemant interactive element on your broadcast.
- Display live game session or live quizz.
- Give your fans an even more immersive experience.

Want to add a scoreboard to your live events? Follow the instructions below:

  • Access the Production Studio¬†(1) and click on Add an input¬†(2).
  • Go to Applications¬†(3) and select Add Scoring¬†(4).
  • Enable the scoreboard by double-clicking on it (5).
  • Edit it if necessary (select the sport type, position, color,...) (6).
  • Watch the result (7).

ūüĎȬ†Next steps

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