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Stream my Cisco Webex meeting/event to easylive.io

To stream your Cisco Webex meetings to any streaming services, please note that:

-You need to be on a paid Webex Meetings or Webex Events plan and live streaming is enabled.

This feature requires the Cisco Webex video platform version 2.0. To find out which version you’re using, see Find Your Cisco Webex Meetings Version Number.

-You can live stream each Webex meeting or event to one live streaming service.

-Your Webex administrator must enable live streaming.

-Sharing a whiteboard and sharing a file using Share File, including sharing a video file, aren’t supported while live streaming.

In the easylive.io Production Studio

  • Add a new RTMP input (1 to 5).
    • In the Production Studio (1).
    • Add an input (2).
  • In the "Live Source" tab (3).
  • Select "Encoder" (4).
  • Other Encoder (5).
  • Copy the provided Server URL/Stream Name.

Enter your Cisco Webex meeting/event

  • After you've started your meeting or event, go to More options More options, and click Start live streaming.
  • Select Other streaming services.

Enter the Stream link and Stream key provided by easylive.io.

  • Click Start streaming to start streaming from Webex Meetings or Events.
  • Go back to the easylive.io production Studio and wait until you see a preview of a live stream of your meeting or event. When you see the preview, make the stream live.

When you want to end the live stream, click on the "End" button in the easylive.io Production Studio, in the top right corner. Then, go back to your Cisco meeting or event, select More Options, and then select Stop streaming.

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