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Infomyne Technologies

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About Infomyne Technologies & MWBE GovTek Connect

Infomyne Technologies is a forward-thinking technology and service design firm with a keen focus on digital transformation. Infomyne stays abreast of development and innovations happening in the creative and digital media domains. With a thorough understanding of customer needs, they design and implement solutions that drive desired outcomes.
MWBE GovTek Connect (MGC) exists primarily to foster a sense of community amongst certified Minority and Women owned businesses that deliver tech goods, solutions and services, and to connect this community with governmental buyers and influencers.

Live stream needs & objectives

Infomyne needed an agile and flexible cloud-based tool to manage a specific workflow with remote guests. A mayor's forum with 7 remote speakers in total but also pre-recorded content that the remote speakers had to watch at the same time and then comment in small groups. For the production team, a multi-user environment was essential to manage the live production as a team. The idea was to be able to mix, customize, multicast but also manage the guests in small groups remotely to obtain a secure show with a quality matching to professional standards. The whole production had to be published on a private player and on Youtube at the same time. missions

  • Enabling remote live production, in real time, in a safe cloud environment to avoid one point of failure
  • Enabling remote and collaborative workflows for the technical team
  • Adding specific graphics in real time to match their graphic charter
  • Providing technical support toTechnologies’ team team

MGC 'Tech & MWBE' Mayoral Forum

On 5/13/2021 the MWBE GovTek Connect group (MGC) hosted a mayoral forum featuring leading candidates vying to lead NYC. The candidates responded to questions about the tech policies and solutions they planned to enact during their administration, and how they would incorporate support and engagement for GovTek MWBEs in their plans.

A professional workflow run from the cloud with

Services provided by
To run their workflow from the cloud, their technical team uses our studio to: 
- Invite remote guests in real time: 7 remote capture inputs have been configured in small group conference mode. Indeed, the remote participants needed to talk to each other and watch some pre-recorded content in real-time. It was therefore important to be able to create small groups.
- Play VOD automatically during the live show: Pre-recorded content is played thanks to the Playlist feature. 
- Custom the live session adding their brand identity and some graphics: They added a few graphics for intro, outro, overlays, logos (images) and some lower thirds for each speaker (name and title mainly). tips: Microphones and video were tested with each remote speaker before going live to avoid any surprises. It is important to prepare and check your installation but also that of your guests.



Results & benefits (KPIs, ROI, etc.)

Infomyne Technologies sees a great ROI for those 3 main reasons:

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