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Mountain Goat Software

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About Mountain Goat Software

For over twenty years Mountain Goat Software has been building high-performing software development teams and organizations through the use of agile and Scrum. They have worked with startups and some of the largest organizations in the world.
Their in-person training, coaching, and online video courses work together to give their clients everything they need to deliver the right product on time every time.

Live stream needs & objectives

Mountain Goat Software hosts several shows per year to engage with the community and boost their sales:
  • Q&A calls with a few remote speakers discussing a specific subject and a few graphics
  • Regular Sales Webinars with a more complex live production

Their events are “RSVP only” and the audience needs to register on their website to attend. Mountain Goat Software are mostly publishing to one private destination so that they can embed the private player on their website. They also are experimenting with publishing some events or some parts of their events on Facebook Live for instance to attract new audiences.

To get more flexibility and optimize their live streaming production, the Mountain Goat Software technical team was looking for an all-in-one cloud based solution. For them, it was necessary to get a technology which would be able to run a professional workflow with more agility but also the same fiability as a local control room to mix, custom, multicast but also secure their live feed and invite remote guests to their shows in a fully dematerialized way. 
“In the past, we experienced reliability challenges because we were using a local production setup which was ingesting several remote speakers and publishing at the same time. The reliability we got thanks to the Cloud reduced the anxiety for everyone: the remote guests and the production team.” Hunter Hillegas, Production Manager missions

  • Enabling remote live production, in real time, in a safe cloud environment to avoid one point of failure
  • Enabling remote and collaborative workflows for the technical team
  • Broadcasting live the feed on multiple destinations (private or public)
  • Providing technical support to Mountain Goat Software’s team

Q&A calls by Mountain Goat Software

Q&A calls: an interactive live format with remote guests participating in real time. 

Mountain Goat Software broadcasts various live stream formats. Their main project is their Q&A calls in which the host invites remote guests to participate in a live discussion on various training topics.

A professional workflow run from the cloud with

Services provided by
To run their workflow from the cloud, their technical team uses our studio to: 
- Invite remote guests in real time: Remote capture inputs, configured in conference mode for speakers can talk with each other and watch in real time some pre-recorded content. 
- Play VOD automatically during the live show: Pre-recorded content is played thanks to the Playlist feature. 
- Custom the live session adding their brand identity and some graphics: They added a few graphics for intro, outro, overlays, logos (images) and some lower thirds for each speaker (name and title mainly).



Results & benefits (KPIs, ROI, etc.)

Mountain Goat Software sees a great ROI for those 3 main reasons:

The stress level for the team and the remote speakers went down thanks to the great reliability of compared to the previous local production setup. In addition, the technical team had much more flexibility in the workflows to achieve exactly what the customer envisioned with small groups of remote speakers instead of having everyone at the same time.
“We chose because of the flexibility to create the shots we need to respect our branding and our vision. We love the fact that there are no templating constraints.”
Hunter Hillegas, Chief Technology Officer

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