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The Philadelphia Theatre Company

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What is Philadelphia Theatre Company?

The Philadelphia Theatre Company, is a LORT theatre which produces, develops, and presents entertaining and imaginative contemporary theatre focused on the American experience.
You can find more information about them by following their social media:

Live stream needs & objectives

For the Philadelphia Theatre Company, it was the third year of Play Brawl, a friendly competition which pairs community leaders with professional actors, to recreate iconic scenes from movies, TV shows, and musicals. Theatrical performances, votes, awards ceremony and auctions are an integral part of this unique event whose objective is to support the artistic sector and create a real interactivity between the public and the performers. Of course, the event is typically done live at the theatre but this year things had to be done differently.
"We were looking for a more highly-produced feel, more like a TV news broadcast with backgrounds behind split-screens, managed arrangement of panelists, side-by-side of multiple panelists and recorded content, title overlays, and such." - Matt Davis, Production Manager 
The Play Brawl is a participatory experience, and preserving audience choice, feedback, voting, and the sense of a live auction was important to them. That why they needed a professional live streaming solution to manage, custom and broadcast their event like a real show. missions

  • Providing a professionnal studio to create a unique digital show (personalized with logo, title, colors) 
  • Enabling remote live production, in real time, in a safe cloud environment to avoid one point of failure
  • Enabling remote and collaborative workflows for the technical team 
  • Providing technical support to The Philadelphia Theater’s team
  • Ensuring a continuous live streaming production without broken feeds because of Internet connection or local technical issues.

Play Brawl from home.



Since 2018, The Philadelphia Theatre Company organise Play Brawl, a friendly competition which pairs community leaders with professional actors, to recreate iconic scenes from movies, TV shows, and musicals. This event usually takes place in the theatre, but due to the COVID epidemic, social distancing had to be respected. That why the PTC needed a professional live streaming tools to create and broadcast a unique digital show. Invite guests remotely in the live feed and mix it with pre-record performance (VOD) was the main needs. Also personalised the live production to have a televisual rendering and ensure a multi-users management seemed essential.
Here, the objective was clear: keep a real interactivity between the public and performers even remotely! > Learn more about 2020 Play Brawl

Services provided by

For this live stream, PTC team essentially used:

- Several remote capture links to get several people joining the same live stream from their respective homes, talking together as if they were on the same physical stage.
- Overlays and lower thirds were added directly to the Studio to create a nice composition to respect the Play Brawl’s branding
- Playlist of pre-recorded content played during the show

Control Room Example 

A lot of presets configured in hotkeys was used to create the different compositions / layouts that were necessary for this show. Indeed in our studio you can configure layer combinations to manage your displays and transitions. 


"While Easylive is significantly more expensive than most other solutions, they differ because they offer you a private server running a control room, from which you manage and monitor your stream. Your server is virtualized on the Amazon Web Services cloud (AWS), so it is fully insulated from hardware failure – if AWS goes down, it’s enough of an apocalypse that our stream health is the least of our concerns."


- Matt Davis, Production Manager -

What results for the 2020 digital edition?

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