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Sky News

Perform from the cloud!

About Sky News

Sky News is a British 24x7 TV and online news channel. It is a provider of live streaming world news which can be viewed via its website, YouTube, and various mobile devices and digital media players. Sky News is owned by Sky Group, a division of Comcast. John Ryley is the head of Sky News, a role he has held since June 2006. In 2019, Sky News was named Royal Television Society News Channel of the Year, the 12th time it has held the award. They also won News Channel of the Year in 2021.

“We aim to be the best and most trusted place for news. Made by people who dare to challenge. Made for people who want clarity in an uncertain world. We take you to the heart of the stories that shape our world.

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Live stream needs & objectives

To cover the trial of Derek Chauvin, accused of the murder of George Floyd, Sky News decided to create a dedicated channel - 'GEORGE FLOYD KILLING: THE TRIAL' - 100% produced from the cloud. A major challenge during the covid crisis that had to be met in only 9 days.
“With Covid lockdown and working from home we were keen to look at new and different ways of working a complicated production without being the studio. Our galleries are quite a precious resource and tying one of them down for a month could impact our day-to-day operations. So, the question was asked of the tech team, is it possible to do a dedicated channel with a remote set up with minimal crewing to look after it for a month? " said James Whicher, director at Sky News.
In this context, Sky News producers were looking for an all-in-one studio fully cloud based to mix and manage the whole production easily and remotely in a collaborative space. The idea was to ingest multiple live sources in a cloud studio (SRT, WebRTC, and other video protocols) and to be able to mix it with overlays, lower thirds, graphics, perform picture in picture and add remote commentators as needed for live commentary on the trial - all the basics required with a video mixer. A further requirement was that one operator be able to run the show (including the other technical partners onboard). missions

  • Provide a 24/7 video mixer fully cloud based 
  • Ingest multiple live sources (SRT, WebRTC, and other video protocols)
  • Add overlays, lower thirds, graphics, perform picture in picture in the live feed and mix it using hotkeys 
  • Invite special guests or remote commentators
  • Broadcast the live feed to multiple destinations at once
  • Provide a collaborative space from the cloud with a multi user solution for the technical team
  • Broadcast Automated linear content (24/7) mixing live and VOD playlist
  • Ensure a continuous live streaming production without broken feeds because of Internet connection or local technical issues
  • Guarantee a professional and high quality stream as on tv programs (1080p25)

Sky News perform from the cloud!

How did Sky News build a 24/7 live channel from its browser?
Sky News launched its 24/7 channel dedicated to the trial of Derek Chauvin, who is accused of the murder of George Floyd. They did it using as a video mixer fully Cloud-based! 
“We offer a fully cloud based visual mixer for switching multiple live inputs, VODs, graphics and overlays. Everything is mixed in real time in the cloud to deliver broadcast-grade live feeds.” - Philippe Laurent - CEO & Co-founder Indeed by using our studio Sky News answered all their needs! The all-in-one side and the multi-user function really allowed them to reproduce a local control room but all remotely with reduced costs.
From stream retrieval, mixing, overlays integration with our partner to multi-broadcasting, everything was possible from a single tool.“It was a very quick turnaround from inception to going live in a matter of days and we did so without any real difficulty,” said Richard Pattison, Manager of News Technology for Sky News.IBC365 talked about us here tested & approved by Sky News

A unique workflow manage from the studio: 
During one month (the duration of the trial), Sky News covered George Floyd Killing: The Trial was broadcasting live non-stop on Sky channel 524, on YouTube and online through the Sky News website and app from 3pm to 11pm Monday to Friday. The channel started on 28th March and finished on 21st April. 
1- Sky News ingested and mixed multiple live sources > support every type of video protocols in ingest (RTMP(s), SRT, WebRTC, MPEG-TS (UDP/TCP, RTP, HTTP(s)), HLS, DASH, etc.) in both ingest and contribution.
2- The production team created and added overlays + custom graphics using, a technological partner 100% compatible with technology
3- They invited remote guests and remote commentators to join the live stream
4- The live production was divided into two parts. First 8 hours of non-stop "real live" and then the replay of the day or the day before (automated linear content).
One of the nice things about a cloud-based system is that it is expandable in short order. If a decision were made to have a correspondent across the coverage we can set that up and bring it in as another input. That reporter could work from home as well.” & the perfect combo! 

Sky News needed to manage all of its production, but also needed professional overlays and graphics to customize their stream and display live news. That's how our partner (the cloud graphics specialist), came into play with their unique solution that allows you to recreate your entire branding in the cloud and have your elements appear in html layers on your clean feed.
We needed it to run for several weeks so the ability to create graphics and tickers in the cloud without having to tie up expensive machinery was importantsaid Richard Pattison, Sky News deputy head of news technology. "Singularlive sends out a URL from the cloud that you just copy into the system here and the live graphics appear. It’s remarkably straightforward." added James Whicher, director at Sky News.
Between and it is a long and beautiful collaboration in which both solutions are totally complementary. There is a real interest in combining these two cloud technologies for a professional rendering worthy of the great TV programs. has been a long-time partner of ours. We are the first cloud-based service to integrate HTML overlays, therefore it was a no brainer to work closely with Singular. You add a new input in your mixer and select Singular to receive their overlays. This action is literally performed in two clicks.”  said Philippe LAURENT - CEO

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